COSMOS High School Workshop

COSMOSHigh School virtual Workshop7/14/2021 Triton AI had the opportunity to conduct a virtual programming workshop for the COSMSOS Autonomous driving summer program! 25+ High school students were shown some basic machine learning principles and had lab time to use the Jetsim framework in a simulator. The workshop was concluded with a final race to compare

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Jetsim’s First Tournament

Jetsim’s first Virtual Tournament This was the first tournament that I entered using Jetsim. Andrew and I spent a lot of time and effort into integrating the Jetracer framework with the virtual Donkey Car Simulator and it was amazing to see the results. In the final race of the ladder, my model was able to

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Jetsim is Alive! Triton AI Jetracer team has successfully built an autonomous driving model in the Donkeycar simulator using NVIDIA’s open source Jetracer framework.  We call this interface Jetsim! Jetracer was originally designed to operate on robotic race cars using the Jetson Nano developer kit. Triton AI is using this technology to interface with

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Jetracer Pro Modification

Waveshare Jetracer Pro gets modified Triton AI has added some modifications to the Waveshare Jetracer Pro kit! It is now controlled via radio controller making the car completely independent of the Jetson Nano until channel 3 is pushed on. This makes the car safer to train and emergency stop if needed. The Pro is

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Jetbot Team Jetracer is experimenting with the Waveshare Jetbot to understand how Pytorch works in detail. Jetbot and Jetracer have a lot in common considering they are both written by Nvidia. In this video below, JetBot was trained on a neural network with a total of 80 images. 40 images were classified as a

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