Jetsim's first Virtual Tournament

This was the first tournament that I entered using Jetsim. Andrew and I spent a lot of time and effort into integrating the Jetracer framework with the virtual Donkey Car Simulator and it was amazing to see the results. In the final race of the ladder, my model was able to complete the three laps first; however in overall time, I lost by one second. But more importantly, I consider this an absolute win for the entire Jetracer team because of the successful interface we were able to create!

Team Jetacer took home 2nd place with the Jetsim build, completing all required laps.

How I Trained My Model

I collected a total of approximately 400 photos. 200 of these photos were training the car to follow the yellow lane. 100 photos were used in scenarios of the car approaching the grass and making sure it stays on the track, and the other 100 were various edge case scenarios! I trained the model using the retracer model and created a successful model!