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Circuit Launch Tournament

August 14, 2021

We had another amazing Circuit Launch tournament this year! Hosted by our good friend Chris Anderson and his lovely Brazilian BBQ friends! COVID precautions implemented.

Team Jetacer took home 3rd place with the Jetracer DIY build, completing all required laps. The competition was tough with the top 2 competitors and their “home-brew” localization methods. Watch out! Triton AI will be localizing by this fall!

Demolition Derby of all RC cars.

Triton AI Jetracer

Triton AI SLAM racers

Triton AI Jetracer also got to meet the NVIDIA engineer of the original Jetracer Chitoku Yato.

Triton AI Jetracer with NVIDIA Jetracer

Dr. Silberman, Chitoku, his son, and Drew from left to right.

There were more than 60 attendees and 6 competitors. There were a variety of frameworks used: Donkeycar, home-brew localization and of course Jetracer!

SLAM Racer – Read story

Circuit Launch track with cones and deviders

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Virtual Tournament 7/31/21

Robocar Virtual Tournament7/31/2021 NEW TRACK! https://youtu.be/bE8LnOQ3PfQ Triton AI gets second place with Jetsim on the new circuit launch track in the final latter of

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COSMOS High School Workshop

COSMOSHigh School virtual Workshop7/14/2021 Triton AI had the opportunity to conduct a virtual programming workshop for the COSMSOS Autonomous driving summer program! 25+ High

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Recruiting Summer 21

Interested in Joining Triton AI? President of Triton AI:  “We have some bold projects and heated competition this coming summer!“ Join our EV Go-Kart

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Virtual Tournament 6/28/21

Robocar Virtual Tournament 6/28/2021 Jetsim gets first place in the final latter of the Robocar Virtual Tournament. Watch Jetsim handle the random cone well!

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Jetracer Optimized

Jetracer Autonomous DIY Optimized https://youtu.be/fgqukxg3LHc The Triton AI Jetracer team has cracked the code for the NVIDIA Jetracer DIY, optimizing how the Jetracer steering

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Virtual Tournament 4/24/21

Robocar Virtual Tournament 4/24/2021 Triton AI gets first place in the final latter of the Robocar Virtual Tournament. Watch TritonRacer handle the random cone

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Jetsim is Alive! https://youtu.be/OslGWZIrPxMThe Triton AI Jetracer team has successfully built an autonomous driving model in the Donkeycar simulator using NVIDIA’s open source Jetracer

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Jetracer Pro Modification

Waveshare Jetracer Pro gets modified https://youtu.be/bwDbZgUgWmc Triton AI has added some modifications to the Waveshare Jetracer Pro kit! It is now controlled via radio

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Jetbot https://youtu.be/-KbXeafMG50 Team Jetracer is experimenting with the Waveshare Jetbot to understand how Pytorch works in detail. Jetbot and Jetracer have a lot in

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Reverse Career Fair 2020

Reverse Career Fair 2020 Triton AI members participated in IEEE Reverse Career Fair, tabling and showing our  robo-talent to spectators looking to hire driven

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CAP Board Expo 2020

Cap Board Exposition 2020 From left to right: David Soberanus, Ehsan Ziaeikajbaf, Andrew Britten, Professor Ramsin Khoshabeh, and Haoru Xue. Triton AI members participated

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Outreach Preuss School

Outreach workshop for Preuss School Triton AI partnered with MAE-198 in an outreach workshop for 2 classrooms of 7th grade students.We showed them how

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