Summer 2020 Triton Racer team
Virtual Circuit Launch Tournament

Summary: Circuit Launch Tournament was hosted by Dr. Jack Silberman, Tawn Kramer and Chris Anderson where a total of 22 spectators attended! 7/13 racers were Triton AI members using Donkeycar and Triton Racer. Triton AI ended up dominating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the overall finals!

Each Triton AI member fought hard to get the win!

AI robustness was tested!


2nd place | Zekai Chen!

3rd place | Haoru Xue!

Haoru had the fastest lap time at 16.42 seconds!


The qualifications were time trials and judges could see who were faster by running 2 AI models side-by-side. The race track used was the auto-generated track from the Donkycar Simulator. This is also a replica of our standard track in real Circuit Launch tournaments. We learned that our Triton Racer has proven to be very competative to Donkeycar! It was a fantastic remote experience!