Interested in Joining Triton AI?

President of Triton AI: We have some bold projects and heated competition this coming summer!

Join our EV Go-Kart team!

evGrand Prix
Electric go-kart racing (autonomous series) in late September in Purdue University, Indiana.

Dr. Jack Silberman Surveying the Purdue Grand Prix Track

Compete in Autonomous small scale racing!

Quarterly Circuit Launch DIY Robocar Race
Indoor & outdoor autonomous robotic vehicle speed races in August in Oakland, California

Jetracer autonomous test run at May 2021 tournament.

Join Triton AI in the IAC

Indy Autonomous Challenge
180mph open-wheel autonomous speed race in late October in Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Triton AI is proud to form an associate team with AI Racing Tech from the University of Hawaii.

Attention ECE/MAE 148 Students!

What you’ve learned in ECE/MAE 148 has made you a distinguishable candidate for Triton AI. Come and join us over the summer to continue what you have achieved in the class!

If you do not have ECE/MAE 148 experience but match the general qualifications then apply!

General Qualifications:
  • Available for 20hr/week before the fall quarter starts
  • Knowledge in some of these topics: ROS, Python, C++, Deep Learning, DonkeyCar, Jetracer, AWS DeepRacer, SLAM, 3D CAD, Embedded Linux, MCU, CAN
  • (Optional) Flexible with traveling to competitions
Steps to take to get involved:
  1. Email your personal profile, including major, school year, team number in 148 class, project highlight (in 148), and a resume (optional).
  2. Wait for an email confirming the time for your interview next week (13 June – 20 June)